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There are a large number of countries that impose some kind of censorship on the Internet to prevent people from accessing certain sites, which host illegal or prohibited content.  Your Freedom is an app that lets you browse by avoiding these types of restrictions by setting your IP elsewhere.

 The tunneling protocols compatible with Your Freedom include HTTPS, HTTP / POST / CGI, FTP, UDP, DNS, and ICMP ECHO, so there should be no problem opening any website.  Also, the new IP ID can be located in one of nine different countries, using twenty one network servers in total.

 This app also offers a master data package for those who only need a separate connection, but it can be extended for those who need to use the app for a longer period of time.

 You don't need to do any kind of setup to start browsing.  Your Freedom will set a random country for you and a server from which you can change the settings menu if needed.  With this app, you can connect to the internet freely 24 hours a day and browse all the websites that you cannot access otherwise, without a specific time at all.



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