Striker Zone Download For android (APK MOD) LEAST VERSION


Survive as you battle bloody battles in the modern online shooting game in Chernobyl.
Striker Zone is a shooting game that contains the best snipers, and also contains:
- 3D animation images
Realistic Physics
- Multiple options of guns
Be the best stalker in the best online shooting PvP game, and come to the most dynamic online shooting world.
Powerfully online PvP battles with players from all over the world. Challenge your skills in team fights in Chernobyl.
Advance in the ranking of fighters, upgrade weapons and shields to become the strongest stalker!
Fight in battle with friends as a team or destroy a torrent of enemies on your own in death battle mode. Be the best and stay on top of the ranking table in modern online shooting game!
Invite your friends and play together, it's completely free!
Internet sniper with players from all over the world in counter-attack mode: launch
Modern 3D graphics
Huge collection of weapons and upgrades for soldiers
Lots of camouflage and badges
Lots of unique battlegrounds
The control system is clear and intuitive and is good for both beginners and beginners alike
Complete daily missions and improve your warrior ability
Talk to players in the chat of countries
Dynamic battles, violent movement, you will not have any time to rest
You can choose any battle mode: team fights or free for all. All for free.


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