GTA 6 release date finally near to all Grand theft auto lovers Rockstar has finally announced that GTA 6 is coming out by the end of this year. After nearly 4 years of long wait GTA 6 is finally releasing for all devices including mobile platforms this time. You can enjoy GTA 6 on your mobile device including Android and IOS which means you can enjoy the game anywhere you like, where ever you go. The developer of this game is Rockstar North and publisher is Rockstar games. This game is one of the most popular game of all time there is rarely anyone who havent hear about this game. As previously game use you be on US map but this time GTA 6 map is totally different country which is going to be in Tokyo city, Japan. There is going to lots of changes this time in New series of GTA. There is GTA 6 Trailer above if you are interested in checking out. Game can be played in two mode single mode and multiplayer mode. Single player is for story mode where as multiplayer is for those who are interested playing online with friends online you can host or join other this is available on GTA 6 PS4 and GTA 6 xbox one.
If you are interested in joining the beta testing campaign you can just click download for the selected platforms and you are participating on beta testing now.
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GTA 6 beta is here if you are interested you can download and try beta version for your platform. After announcement of GTA 6 release date we are proud to bring beta version. This beta version will stay like a trial period for few month as we have send a invitation for only few player to join for beta testing. We will collect as much data as we can from the beta version before be bring the full version to market. We would like to check all the errors and any other issues that might let game not to work in any platforms.

As you can see GTA 6 trailer which can give you an idea how game gonna look like. As GTA 6 Map this time going to be in totally different city. You will see lots of changes on the game There is high change that GTA 6 for PS4 will be releasing first after that GTA 6 XBox one and for other platforms. There are more characters you will find in this series then previous series all character can be switched at the same time. You will find more cars models with high quality graphics for realistic views.

Gta 6 coming out by the end the of this year but exact date hasnt be fixed yet keep updating our website to see the exact day when game is going to be on the market. As the official Rockstar website it is said that it will be releasing as soon as beta testing is over. The is developed using unicode that means you can play now on Mobile platforms also.



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