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Set up a spear gun and start hunting zombies!

*** Among the top 10 games in over 90 countries! ***
*** Among the 5 best action games in more than 100 countries! ***

The zombie hunters game is an adventure and action game in a world invaded by zombies! The planet Earth is filled with the living dead, but we are lucky: it has decided. J. And they, two of the galactic businessmen, want to establish a business in our world! Together, they plan to hunt all zombies and restore security to the planet again - and at the same time, they will make huge profits ...

Use a warehouse of equipment and traps to hunt ripe zombies and their families and take them to your secret underground lab, and make money!

- Hunt zombies with reliable spear guns and deceptive traps!
- Get exciting new hunting gear like nets, weapons, guns, traps and flying belts to help you hunt zombies!
Make delicious juices, sweets and food from zombies and sell them to hungry customers!
- Create an enormous range of food business activities by developing delicious new recipes and upgrading production lines to maximize profits!
- Discover new colonies on the map and find special zombies to collect them and produce profitable food products!
- Send your army of drones around the world to find and catch amazing zombies!
- Solicit the unique zombie leaders and hunt them with your spear from your own plane!
- Progress through the best hunting rates to get plutonium and exclusive outfits for your characters!
Manage and develop your own underground lab!
- Complete fun everyday challenges to get amazing rewards!
- Play offline - no internet connection required!

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"The zombie hunters game is really good. It is a fun game that has a very high quality design and production." - Droid Gamers

"It's pretty cool and easy to reach, but hunting all the different zombies can be a profitable challenge as well." - Pocket Gamer

5/5 "It is a great game for anyone who loves platform games and catch zombies."
5/5 "Endless fun and surprises everywhere."
5/5 "I've never written my opinion on any game, but I think I should write about this game. I think this game is amazing."

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