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Forge alliances between empires and lead your armies in this challenging and exciting world war strategy game. Launch giant military campaigns, strike your enemies and rebel brigades with nuclear missiles and take control of the nuclear base. Fight entire countries and conquer your enemies with the help of your strongest allies, build a military base heavily armed with modern tanks, fighter planes and ballistic missiles and let your armies crawl against your enemies with all their might and leadership.

Call of War 3 - World War Alliances

★ بقيادة Command your armies as commander in chief of the armed forces
★ 💥 Red button under your hand, launch nuclear strikes and clear your enemies 💣
★ 💢 Plans for Military Operations - Launch the Call of War and your forces will be awaiting your orders at the base
★ 🏠 Build over 20 different types of base walls, base protections and modern tanks
★ ☢ Perform advanced mining operations to extract radioactive materials and use them in nuclear reactors
★ ✌ Team up with leaders from 192 countries around the world
★ 🌇 Carry out scientific research and development to generate energy from solar renewables and wind power
★ 🏚 Wipe out your enemies from the map and hit them with all the nuclear and chemical weapons launched from the mighty aircraft carriers
★ 💫 Takeover and take control of the nuclear base with machine guns, tank hunters, nuclear bombs and various types of powerful war tanks

The actual militia experience - ★ for the first time in the world ★
Plan with high strategy <- collect resources <- build the base <- develop deadly weapons <- join alliances and major empires <- locate the enemy <- strike with all your military strength <- defend your base and dominate the occupied land

★★ Destroy the armies of more than a million leaders and rebels through joint military operations ★★

Huge array of deadly weapons
Experience a vast array of deadly weapons of the future and contribute to their design for the ultimate in combat efficiency. Use a mixture of gas bombs, deadly biochemicals - hydrogen bombs, tanks and thermonuclear reactors to destroy bases with a glance. Manufacture a fleet of submarines with ballistic warheads to target terrorist operations under cover of secrecy.

World War Alliances
Great Britain won in the First and Second World War thanks to its allies from the United States and the Russian Federation. Make strong alliances to weaken your enemies with your military skill. Combine military power and equipment together to gain advantage and ensure superiority. Launch nuclear strikes along with your allies and fend off nations standing against you. Be the seasoned politician and king of agreements.

Military events and updates
Participate in various events, increase your war power and get great rewards as war booty. Join global events, which require the cooperation of leaders at a high level to successfully complete them or join the trans-server wars and prove your server's superiority, through permanent updates and new features, your continuous progress to dominate the world will never be bored!

Are the blood of the leaders in your veins? Prove your steel metal, dominate the title of Supreme Emperor, and press the red nuclear button! Join war makers and be your master of destiny.

The experienced diplomatic military commander
You are the leader of a bloodthirsty battalion of soldiers and you have to bomb your enemies constantly to withstand the cruel world of war. Only legendary leaders can lead a war team of seasoned killers and create a strong defensive base to gain freedom for their people and increase the scope of their empire. Run drones, helicopters and a whole swarm of bombers. Treachery and betrayal are part of every war, chat with your friends and take over the chat!

War of machine guns
Use the Empire map and enter World War III to complete missions with a specialized dashboard and simulation of offensive wars. Use the sniper general and destroy your enemies as the legendary hero. Engage in epic combat against your enemies. War, revenge and love, be the hawks of the majestic war!

Free alliance action game
Call of War is a free Arabic game inspired by the modern battlefield in which you can pay and ship in order to increase the speed of construction and accelerate the collection of resources. Over a million Arab players play every day, but only the brave leaders take control of the world.


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