Talking Tom and Ben News Download For android (APK MOD) LEAST VERSION


Breaking news - Talking Tom and Talking Ben are more chatting and entertaining as TV news reporters!

He joined them at the TV studio, talked to them and watched them take their turn to repeat what she was saying. Poke or tap the screen to drop them off their seats! You can even compose the news by putting your video or photo on their TV screen!

You can express your creativity by writing the news or just enjoy watching them joke with each other. Either way, you will enjoy a great fun!

Check out all the funny animations by getting the full app now!

Talk to Tom and Ben: Watch them repeat in order.
Watch them interact with each other: they are joking with each other in a very funny way!
Co-author the news: upload your video or photo and see what's going on.
- Send videos to your friends: record your own news story and share it on Facebook, YouTube or email!

Important - to remove all ads in the application, you will need to purchase a feature that enables you to do this through the application.

This app includes:
- Promotion of Outfit7 products and targeted advertisements
- Links that direct customers to our websites and other applications from Outfit7
- Customizing the content to suit every user, to urge users to run the application again
- Watch outfit7 cartoon characters videos with YouTube integration
- The ability to make an in-app purchase


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