Parallel Space Download For android (APK MOD) LEAST VERSION


Run two app accounts at the same time and use themes to decorate the unique space.

 Sign in with two social or game accounts at the same time
 Easily balance work and life
 • Double the fun of the game and get the most fun
 • Supports almost all Android applications

 Privacy protection and app install only in Parallel Space to be invisible on the device.
 Hide private apps without worrying about snooping
 • Lock your apps to protect privacy

 Decorate your unique space while using these themes
 • Theme store has been added to Parallel Space and you can choose different themes to decorate the space.
 • Unique space allocation using themes.  It also supports changing various topics easily.

 • Strong and stable, as it is used easily.
 Unique: Parallel Space operates on the basis of MultiDroid and is the first default application engine on Android.

 Permissions: Parallel Space requires many permissions to ensure the applications added to it run correctly.  For example if you do not allow him to obtain geolocation permissions, you cannot send your location information to your friends through some applications in Parallel Space
 • The memory, package, and charging battery registered in Parallel Space were mostly consumed by the applications inside.  Details can be viewed through the Governance Center - Process and Storage Management in Parallel Space.
 • In order to receive the messages correctly, please set Parallel Space as an exception while cleaning up memory.
 • Please go to some specific applications copied using the phone number that is different from the main account, and keep the number available during the first entry to receive the verification message.  It is not possible to enter two accounts with the same number at the same time.



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