Opera Mini Download For android (APK MOD) LEAST VERSION


Opera Mini for Android allows you to do all the things you want online without consuming your data plan.  It is a fast and secure browser that provides large amounts of your data.

 New features

 ► Block ads - Opera Mini has a built-in feature to block ads so that you can browse the Internet without being exposed to harassing ads.

 سريعة Fast and easy feature to share files without internet connection - send and receive files safely without the need for internet connection or using any data.  Transfer music, video clips, photos or any other files at a super fast speed of up to 300MB / sec, which makes it the ideal solution for sharing files anywhere!  Scan the QR code and share files with any other user of Opera Mini within seconds.  It is the first and only browser that comes with an internal file sharing feature.

 ► Add to home screen - You can add sites that you frequently visit to your mobile phone home screen with one click.

 Why choose Opera Mini?

 ► Data Tracking - You can check data savings in the Settings menu and see how much data Opera Mini provides you with.

 ► Multiple tasks - you can save multiple pages at the same time through tabs.

 ► Browse privately - we all have pages that we don’t want to remember visiting.  If you don't want to save something in the archives, you can browse without revealing your identity via the special tabs.

 تنزيل Smarter downloads - You can download files in the background and delay downloading larger files until you connect via Wi-Fi again.  Opera Mini will notify you once your downloads are complete.  Just click on alerts to open your download - without the hassle of searching for it inside folders.

 Other cool things

 ✔ Save your favorite sites: press the + button in the search bar to save the page as a "speed dial", add it to your mobile phone bookmarks or read it offline.

 ✔ Get the latest news: the start page keeps everything in one place.  Choose the categories that interest you and Opera Mini will provide you with the most important news and the latest content on the web.

 ✔ Sync your devices: allow yourself to access all bookmarks, quick shortcuts and open tabs from your other devices.

 ✔ Night Mode: Screen Dimming to protect your eyes.

 ✔ Change searches: You can set your favorite default search engine.

 You can download Opera Mini and try one of the fastest ways to surf the internet on your mobile device.



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