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Likee (formerly LIKE) is a platform for creating and sharing popular global original videos.

Short video editing tool with great special effects globally
With Likee you will find thousands of stickers, and musical magic filters that give you ideas and possibilities for creating professional content from short videos. With Likee, with just one click, everyone has the opportunity to create professional videos with quality and content to rival international videos! Not only that, with using the Supreme feature in less than a minute, you will be able to create your own videos and songs!

With us, you will live the true pleasure of entertainment and enjoy interesting content from all over the world
With Likee you will not only enjoy original fan videos, fun clips, and music videos, but also enjoy watching episodes of various food recipes, life situations, and more! Powered by world-leading smart technology for recommendations, Likee ensures you discover great content and content that you will absolutely love!
Short videos, live broadcast & new charity
With Likee you will not only have the opportunity to meet tens of millions of celebrities, talented artists from all over the world but also make youthful friendships and people close to you will meet new people and make diverse handouts!
A platform to create world-leading videos
With Likee you will become a celebrity! Likee is committed to providing a platform for talented video creators to increase their audience and appear professionally on the stage. With us, everyone has the opportunity to create high-quality videos and win millions of views to get stardom!

New effects!
- All-new makeup features - Beauty features that let you apply beautiful makeup in seconds!
- countless new special effects, thousands of stickers, and charming expressions, with us you'll enjoy capturing unique selfies!
- Special and special filters of magic music, where you can enjoy creating exclusive music videos with special effects!
- Various effects like hair color changing, 4D magic, and super powers allow you to capture blockbuster videos on your mobile phone!
- With Premium and fast feature, it transforms your photos into blockbuster movies in seconds!
-With Dapsmash, it is a set of dubbed texts from the most famous films in the world, where you can now be the star of the movie you want!
- Enjoy with us and learn new things from the endless high-quality original video content! With us you will discover a bigger world!
- With us you will live the fun of live broadcasting in a different way; be sure not to miss a totally new and enjoyable experience in the broadcasting world with our unique gifts and different games.
- Meet new friends quickly in the vicinity of your city through the "near" feature!
- A global short video creation platform with us for every person an opportunity to reach stardom, millions of views and videos are waiting for you to start your way to stardom!

Allow access to the phone number
To sign in quickly, please allow Likee permission to access your phone number.


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