Imo free video calls Download For android (APK MOD) LEAST VERSION


Smaller application size, less data usage, faster and simpler than before.  Send text, voice or voice or video calls to your friends and family easily and quickly, regardless of the device they are on!
 IMO 2019 features:
 جميع Compatible with all networks: free and unlimited instant messages and voice or video calls over 2G, 3G, 4G * or Wi-Fi.  Fixed and stable voice calls even with 2G network!  Avoid texting and phone calls charges, no fees or subscriptions for every message or call
 ائطMultimedia: Fast sharing of photos, videos📹, you can also send and receive voice messages or documents of any kind (.DOC, .MP3, .ZIP, .PDF etc.) 📄
 دولية Free International Calls: Make international calls to your friends and family for free!  No additional fees for sending international messages.  Enjoy crystal clear instant video calls, friends and family all over the world! 👪
 ويPowerful: Enjoy group chats with up to 100,000 members, share great videos and documents of all kinds, and send hundreds of free emotional stickers! 🤼
 طبيقاتApps for all devices: imo messenger is fully accessible from Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS.  You can see all your messages, calls and other media sharing directly from your desktop or Android tablet.🖥️
 أقل Use less data: Efficient use of improved data traffic, use less data and save more money!
 مخصص Custom profile: Express yourself with a custom profile, choose from hundreds of cool avatars, music themes and backgrounds!
 بسرعة Quickly search for contacts: Log in to the imo app only with your phone number, you will not need to remember an additional username or additional PIN.  You can use your address book to quickly communicate with friends and family
 حث Find your interests: Join thousands of chat groups or imo regions to find people with similar interests.  You can also get all kinds of the latest resources from the imo regions.
 ستن Cloud-based: All message and file records can be synced securely in the imo cloud to free up your phone's storage space.  You will not miss any notifications or messages even if you close the application! ☁️
 الأخرى Other Features: imo big group, imo areas, imo live broadcast, imo video and many other new features come up! 🔥
 * Data charges may apply in this app.  Contact your service provider for details.



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