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Contest questions for Clash Royale ™ is a general quiz questions application for fans of the Clash Royale ™ game only!
If you do not know the answer to 102 questions in a quiz game for Clash Royale ™, you have to play the favorite game more time, then return to answer the questions later. Summon your group, and discover how much you know in this favorite game! 👑

P.E.K.K.A only attacks ground forces, right or wrong? If you know the answer to this question, answer the rest of the questions about Royal Clash characters and Royal Clash cards. Each question contains a useful fact about the Royal Clash game that you may not have heard about before. So, focus well! 👑

You may be able to answer all questions of the Clash Royale ™ games, obtain the title of legend, or you may fail to answer them, and obtain the title of novice. And in order to get the title of legend, you have to play the game of Royal Clash for hundreds of hours in order to know the facts and information of this famous game.

Application features:

- Quiz game available in several languages ​​- 14 different languages
- Tips - You can use the available hints to solve some facts or you can
Skip the questions and lose one of the lives available to move to the next question.
- Hearts symbols represent the lives available to the player. The player loses a heart if he gives a wrong answer in.
- Seek help from a friend if all the hints are over.
- Success certificate - The player gets a certificate after answering all general knowledge questions - Quiz game correctly.

👑 Download the Clash Royale ™ quiz app now, enter the world of knowledge, and increase your reputation with the Clash Royale ™ quiz questions! 👑

The results of the Clash Royale ™ games or the Clash Royale ™ game will tell you about your general skills and knowledge about the Royal Clash game. Sure, you have your favorite character, and your favorite Royal Clash card too because we have our favorite character and card too. Then solve Royal Clash's quiz questions and prove to everyone that you deserve the title of legend. Prove yourself now!

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