Car Simulator 2 Download For android (APK MOD) LEAST VERSION


The most realistic driving simulator game of 2019!  (beta version 1.26.1)
 An open new world, more than 20 new cars, and a great game await!

 Play online with real players from all over the world, earn and win coins you can spend on new cars and promotions and get a garage and a house.

 Walk around the city with friends, upgrade your cars, enter crazy races and win, discover a big city and be the best!

 Get racing on your own rules!  Let's go!

 - A free fun game that makes you so excited.
 Online mode and single player mode.
 3D open world.
 - Daily bonuses and competitions.
 - Car models with full details.
 Driving from your own or an external person's perspective.
 - Inside the car 360 degrees.
 - A lot of interactive elements in car models.
 - Realistic physics and sound effects.
 - Mechanic has a lot of upgrade options for your cars.
 - Interactive gas station.
 - Fun quests in the form of competitions, arcade challenges and races.
 - A dynamic cycle between night and day.

 1. Buy new cars and upgrade to win new races.
 2. Don't drive too fast in town - drive with caution.
 -3.  Watch out for the police - they will give you a foul if they pick up your foul for speed.
 4. Pay attention to interactive hints and dialog boxes.
 5. Do not forget to fill your cars with fuel at the gas station.
 6. Bribery is better than paying official wrongdoing.
 7. You can make extra money by working, running the car as a taxi, or working in a bar.
 8. Follow the rules of the road.



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