WhatsApp Desktop EXE Download for pc


One of the biggest problems with WhatsApp Web is that to be able to run it on your computer you will need to run a compatible browser. Fortunately, this standalone desktop client version is easy to run inside its window, and has all the features of the web version.

As with the web browser version, you have to synchronize this program with your cell phone by scanning the QR code and this is something that you will be able to do from within WhatsApp installed on your smartphone. Just click on the icon named WhatsApp Web inside this application's menu bar. After that, all your conversations, shares, and contacts will be synced and you will also be able to interact with them on your computer without any problems.

When you run groups and send and receive messages, you can use the built-in camera on your desktop computer (if one exists) to send the videos and pictures you take. The only limitation is the command we just mentioned; it is necessary that the program be installed and running on your Android or iOS device in order to use it on your desktop computer.



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