VPN Over HTTP Tunnel:WebTunnel APK MOD


WebTunnel is a powerful HTTP tunnel tool that helps you protect your privacy online where your local network administrator allows you to
Off-line access via HTTP / SSL Proxy only.

WebTunnel: How it works

Its inbuilt VPN carries data over an HTTP / SSL tunnel so you can get full protection from the basic VPN.

It supports the following tunnel methods

HTTP normal half duplex tunnel.
HTTP Continuous Half Duplex Tunnel using the GET method
HTTP Half Duplex Tunnel using the GET method.
HTTP Half duplex tunnel using POST method.
HTTP full duplex tunneling using the POST method.
HTTP full duplex tunnel using the MIME method.
Full duplex tunnel using SSL method.

WebTunnel features

> No speed restrictions.
> Free daily privacy protection on your phone 100MB data.
> HTTP Server Tunnel sites in more than 15 countries.
> All HTTP tunnel servers are published in 1 Gbps network.
> Simple and easy to use HTTP tunnel digging tool for your phone and tablet.
> No registration required.




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