Telegram is the newest messaging app in the world - it is similar to instant messaging apps like WhatsApp but best on every detail and features.

Telegram runs at super fast, simple, safe and completely free. In Telegram, you can create chat groups with up to 200,000 members. You can store everything you share in the cloud - for free.

Why use Telegram?


Telegram is the fastest messaging app in the world. Different from other messaging systems. Telegram uses decentralized servers all over the world to connect people to servers close to them, speeding up the messaging process.


To make Telegram the most reliable messaging system in the world, we have created a data protocol that ensures that your messages are delivered using the smallest number of bytes, and it can deliver messages even when there is a weakness in the mobile network.


Security vulnerabilities have occurred in popular apps such as WhatsApp and talked about recently, which made our main mission is to provide secure messaging again. Therefore, Telegram is protected from all known security risks in this area.

The strong

With Telegram, we want to redefine what you can achieve with messaging. You can telegram to send videos up to 1.5 GB, and create chat groups of up to 200,000 members, and you can send many images by searching the Internet at the same time, Telegram enables you to convert any media you receive instantly even Before you fully get to your device.

Associated with the cloud

Telegram provides unlimited cloud storage for all your data - for free. You can securely access your Telegram messages and media from multiple devices. Even if you lose your mobile phone, you will not lose your telegram data, information, messages and media.


Telegram is free now and forever. We do not plan to place ads or enter subscription fees. We created Telegram because we wanted a powerful messaging app for ourselves - Telegram is available to everyone, secure and free.


Telegram protects your privacy and never allows any person or organization to access your data.


If you have any problems or questions about Telegram, just open Telegram and go to "Settings" and then choose "Ask a Question" to get instant help.




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