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SwiftKey is a Microsoft smart keyboard that can learn your typing style so you can type faster. You can write and send text messages, GIFs, stickers and emoji when you join millions of SwiftKey keyboard users around the world.

SwiftKey learns your way to write and constantly adapts to it, including slang, aliases and emoji you use. The keyboard gives you an auto-correct feature that works great as well as helpful predictions, so you can clarify what you mean faster, without errors.

SwiftKey is compatible with all writing styles, and comes with free designs and themes to suit every style. You can write and send text messages the way you like with a keyboard that combines the "scroll to write" feature, "click to write", predictive emoji, and GIF sharing.

Download SwiftKey today.

Do whatever you want with a few clicks

Text keyboard
- Scroll to Type and Click to Type
- Enjoy the spell check feature and automatic text insertion through AI-powered forecasts
- Toolbar: The expandable menu contains quick shortcuts

GIFs, emoji and smileys
Express yourself with GIFs, stickers and emojis
- Emoji keyboard supports learning and expecting your favorite emoticons
- Display the keyboard with GIF sharing feature to choose the best GIF to express your feelings

Customize the keyboard
- Over 100 colorful features
- Design the theme you prefer with setting your photo as wallpaper
- You can customize the keyboard layout and size

Multilingual keyboard
- You can enable up to five languages ​​at the same time
- The keyboard supports more than 300 languages

Get a custom keyboard that fits your style constantly, download SwiftKey Keyboard today!

Find out more about the major SwiftKey features: https://www.microsoft.com/swiftkey

Supports more than 300 languages:

English (US, UK, Australia, Canada)
Spanish (Spain, Latin America, United States)
Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil)




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