PES 2014 Version 1.0 APK MOD FOR FREE


There have always been heavy expectations for the new PES 2014 graphics engine, called Fox Engine. After a capricious start, it appears she has done enough, or at least improved enough, the old version, to satisfy fans of soccer series.

Using the new graphics, the game still offers some notable gameplay features, while maintaining the level set from previous entries that matched FIFA in every step of the way.

Once you play, you will notice some big changes to the new engine. The changes that many thank him for bringing back memories of PES over the latest generation of consoles - in the past when they dominated the market and were the king of football without a competitor. On the other hand, it is true that there are still things that need improvement, and some, such as rain, that do not exist at all.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, by default, has the same licenses as in the previous game with some noticeable losses, such as faithfully recreated stadiums, but these are replaced by other, no less attractive, add-ons such as the incorporation of the Brazilian League.



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