The teams end the season's pre-season. Although the transfer market has been somewhat affected by the economic crisis, it has returned to coherence with deals, such as the transfer of Jordi Alba to Barcelona or Ibrahimovic to Paris Saint-Germain. Meanwhile, in the digital field, PES continues its struggle to regain satisfaction with the game like the previous one.

This year a change is occurring. PES 2013 puts Cristiano Ronaldo as the group's face, along with a host of features that strive to make matches more realistic and attractive on our favorite devices.

The impact has been improved on the engine, the attractiveness of the ball, and also made significant improvements to its social features, as well as the introduction of new individual artistic abilities, hundreds of new animations, etc.

One can say that this year is the mother of the years, but do not be fooled. Last year it was time to try again, and in 'Konami' they wanted to do what was necessary to ensure that Qiva was not floundered. This time you can see that 'PES 2013' is vibrant. Since the photography is impressive and you can control the game well, which is why you can start enjoying the Sports King for another season.

Choose your team. There are periodicals to glorify your museum’s display in. 'PES 2013', once again, we have the Champions League, the Bertadores Cup, Pro League licenses, and multiple game systems - one after another - multiple online players and local players. It is time to manipulate those legs and show that you are also a star.



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