Internet Download Manager FREE MOD FOR PC


Are you tired of waiting too long for your downloads to end? This will become history thanks to the Internet Download Manager.

Internet Download Manager is a very useful tool with which you will be able to double the download speed and will shorten the download time as well.

It is easy to use, advanced and has a sensitive interface that will be used by experienced and new users.

Internet Download Manager includes all the necessary features to make downloading easy and fast even for new users.

You just have to set up the link of the file you want to download or include a shortcut in your web browser. When you enter the link you can choose the file type (General, Document, Song, Music, Video, Program or Zip File).

It can download multiple files and pieces of files at one time, you can stop and complete the downloads with one click, restore incomplete downloads due to power outages, or network related problems. It can receive downloads from web surfers as: Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla and Netscape.


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