InShot distinguished by Google Play, which is the best editor video and software design videos with song and photos, edit videos, cropping video, trimming video, cut video, merge videos, making video images, add music to video, add effects, video, text on video , Blur the background!

Is also a photo editor InShot professionally with photo collage, filters, text, and posters, and so forth.

Download InShot - the best video editing software designed and videos professionally high, to promote social networks such as Tech Talk, Anstaqram, YouTube and Facebook August, ect.

Video Editor Pro
- support most video formats, such as MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, 3GP etc.
Combine multiple videos with effects.
- Trim video, cut video, compress and convert video.
- video with text and emoticons, posters editor and remove the watermark.

Add music to video
- Add music to video, best design program with song videos and pictures.
- montage with music videos, Free Video Music Editor.
- Adjust the volume of music and offset at the beginning and the end. Highly professional movie maker with music.

Video Cut Program
- Trim and cut video to the length you want it. Best video editor and video cut.
- Video and editing clips Cut. The video is divided into two parts. Videos divided into several sections.
- Editing and exporting videos in HD quality. Free and easy-to-use video editor on YouTube.

Crop video clips
- Crop video in any proportions. Strong film-maker and a professional video editor for Tech Talk, Anstaqram, YouTube and Facebook August, ect. The best video crop and video editing app.
- Crop video to remove the watermark or any part undesirable.
- Zoom in / out video.

Videos merge
- Integrate videos in one video, add video to video
- Integrate multiple videos with all kinds of effects, and better integration of video.
- combination, cut and paste the video with effects. Merge videos with music videos.
Combine video clips into one video. Editing Program Free Video for Tech Talk, Anstaqram, YouTube and Facebook August, ect.

Background Blur
- Create backgrounds blur videos and pictures of your own. Video Editor Misty Free.
- blur your background videos on YouTube and Anstaqram. Is also an easy-to-use video editor for Tech Talk.

Video filters and video effects
- Adding video filtering factors and video effects malfunction, and make videos in slow motion.
- adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. Custom video effects video filters.

Texts & Posters
- add subtitles to your videos, many fonts are supported.
- Adding unique texts to create your own watermark.
- availability of posters and expressive icons for photos and videos.
- Photo Editor and Video Editor Pro.

Rotate Video Clips
- Rotate the video at 90 degrees.
- Rotate horizontal video, rotate vertical video.
- Quick rotation of the tools for video editing.

Video Compression
- video compression size with a custom output resolution.
- Support for the technology HD.

Video Converter
Easily convert video files to MP4 format for free.

Photo Editor Pro
- Filters unique colored backgrounds, adjust lightness, contrast, saturation, warmth, etc..
- rotate, zoom and vice versa
- Multiple ratios are supported, such as 4 5, 2: 3, 9:16, 4: 3, 1: 1.

- a lot of stylish charts.
- choose different filters for each network.
- Cropped each image as desired.

Easy sharing
- in a multi-output video formats. All the formulas in one applied.
- Participated with social applications such as Tech Talk, Anstaqram, YouTube and Facebook August, ect.

The effects InShot best video editor and design programs with the song videos and photos. With InShot, you can easily cut video and editing videos and merging video clips and rotate the video and add music to video and create video images, share with social applications such as Tech Talk, Anstaqram, YouTube and Facebook August, ect.




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