Google Play Games APK PRO


Games are more fun with the Google Play Games app. Discover your new favorite game, then challenge your friends and track your achievements. As you master more games, showcase your skills on your player profile. Besides, you can continue from where you left from any device. Games with the world, anywhere in the world, all from one place.

Main features
• Player Profile: Create a custom player ID, earn experience points, and level up with your mastery of the games on Google Play.
• Outstanding Achievements and Boards: Complete challenges, earn prizes, and track them all directly from the app. Then see your ranking relative to other players.
• Built-in Google games: play PAC-MAN, Solitaire, Snake and Cricket - without internet connection as well.
• Arcade Games: Find something fun in our “new” and “popular” game groups and “Editors’ Choice ”.
• Play Recording *: Easily record and share your best gaming moments from your favorite games on mobile.

* Available in certain countries only




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