Google Duo - high-quality video calls


Google Duo is an app that provides the highest quality video calls *. It's an easy-to-use, reliable app that works on smartphones, tablets, Google Nest devices and on the web.


Conference calls
Bring all of your loved ones together in one place, even if the distances separate you, using conference calling. Duo can now group up to 8 people in one group video call.

Make calls between Android and iOS devices
Whether you use your phone, tablet or the web, you can communicate with your loved ones using Duo.

Low light mode
Duo allows you to make video calls even in poor lighting conditions.

Video messages
Is your time short or are your friends unable to answer your calls? Send them personalized video messages with fun effects.

Voice calls
You can only make voice calls to your friends if you are unable to video chat.

* Based on the technical study conducted by Signals Research Group that compared the time of low video quality over 3G, LTE and WiFi.

** Data charges apply. Contact your carrier for details.

*** Availability of specific features may vary by device specifications.




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