GameLoop11.0.16777.224 APK MOD FOR PC


GameLoop (also called TencentGameAssistant) is an Android emulator that was then developed by Tencernt to help you comfortably run the international PUBG version for Android, as it is for PUBG: Army Attack and PUBG: Exhilarating Battlefield, which are two smartphone versions of the incredible Playerunknown's Battlegrounds .

The emulator is available in Chinese and English, although the menu system is so intuitive that anyone can install and activate the game without needing to know the language. In fact, when it installs, the emulator will install the game automatically.

When PUBG Mobile is installed, you just have to click on it to see the magic of Tencent Gaming Buddy. The PUBG will start and you can verify that all the controls are then perfectly configured as if this were a computer game so that you will save yourself the trouble of setting them. Mouse helps to straighten, you can tape The distance from jumping, the 'F' key from opening the doors, etc., everything is pre-configured and ready so that you can play only.

GameLoop is an excellent Android emulator specially made by Tencent for their games so compatibility and performance is unbelievable. But, to avoid imbalance, for PUBG you will play with servers where other players also use a computer.



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