Free VPN - Betternet VPN Proxy & Wi-Fi Security APK MOD


Betternet VPN is a free and unlimited free VPN proxy for Android devices - no registration required. Free version with ads. Upgrade to Premier Edition to enjoy unlimited VPN with no ads!

Install VPN from Betternet to enjoy the following features:

► Unblock websites and apps

You can unblock any apps or websites using Betternet's free and unlimited VPN. You can also bypass government censorship and geographical restrictions to access social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, etc. or any other blocked websites from anywhere!

مجه Anonymous communication with privacy protection

With a VPN, the IP address and location will be changed and activities on the Internet will no longer be trackable. Betternet VPN service is a privacy guard and is better than web proxy servers.

► Protect the device

Betternet protects Android device connection when connected to mobile data networks or public WiFi hotspots. It works as a free agent but with more protection. So your password and personal data are protected and the device is protected from hacker attacks.

► Super speed

Betternet is fast! It automatically detects the location and connects the device to the nearest and fastest server. Consequently, the connection will be faster than any other proxy or VPN providers.

أمان WiFi security shield

Public Wi-Fi networks are ideal places for hackers and if they can obtain personal information, the person may be a victim of identity theft!

So BetNET VPN uses advanced VPN technology to encrypt network traffic, so that person can connect to website via HTTPS, this provides a security shield to protect WiFi hotspot.



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