Battlefield 2 APK MOD FOR FREE


Do you remember the Battlefield 1942 game? So here is a new and better version. Where the adventure will live now in the modern era with the latest techniques in team play and the latest and most advanced vehicles and weapons over the ages.

This is how you will choose to fight within the armies of one of the great military powers: the United States, China, or the Middle East Pact.

The game will start with the rank of soldier, but as you achieve some wins and fight more battles, you will advance in the ranks of the soldier until you become a general. When you become that you will be able to use more weapons and vehicles.

Thanks to the new physical engine that the game uses, you will surely have a better gaming experience especially at the level of battles.

Finally, the point is that this game gives you a multiplayer mode of up to 64 players on PC systems. So what are you waiting for to download and live the adventure yourself?



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